Interactive bartender training software online from PSCC

iBar Simulator Software

iBar is an online simulation software that allows you to practice making drinks as if you were in a live bar. This site, is dedicated to informing you about the iBar software offered by Professional Server Certification Corp.

What is iBar Simulator?
iBar is software that you can use through your browser of choice (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Etc).  This means you can use iBar from almost any computer with an internet connection.  When iBar starts up, you will be given a virtual customer's drink order.  Then, the software will walk you through the steps necessary to mix the drink (proper glassware, ingredients, garnishes, etc) and deliver the drink to your customer.  

How Does iBar Simulator Software Help Bartenders?
iBar simulation software allows bartenders to become familiar with the procedure of making drinks for customers, memorize drink recipes, and speed up his/her ability to recall drinks by name.

How Much Does iBar Cost?
iBar software is very affordable, and you can even get iBar for free when you purchase the Bartender Mixology Course or the Master Bartender Package online from!

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